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If you are accused of participating in banking fraud, the specialist Criminal Defence Team at Wilford Smith Solicitors can help. Our solicitors will provide you with sophisticated and astute legal advice to conduct a robust defence on your behalf, taking a meticulous approach in preparing your case and developing the best strategy for you.

We have a strong reputation for litigation and advocacy skills, having represented numerous clients during court proceedings. With many years of experience handling banking fraud cases, we have the required skills, knowledge and determination to get the right result for you.

Banking fraud is the overarching term used to describe a range of fraud offences in which money, property or assets belonging to banks or their clients are illegally appropriated. Examples include mortgage fraud, land banking fraud, credit card fraud and LIBOR/rate fixing. Investigations will typically be carried out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or the police, with the City of London Police playing a particularly prominent role due to its proximity to the financial sector in the City. Investigations tend to focus on the employees of financial institutions suspected of participating in banking fraud, and in many cases will begin with internal disciplinary proceedings. From the earliest stages of any investigation, the Fraud Solicitors at Wilford Smith Solicitors can advise you to ensure that your personal position is best protected.
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