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Good governance is key to the success of any company, providing reassurance to stakeholders that your business is run in a competent manner and with integrity. Corporate governance failures can lead to allegations or convictions for financial crimes, which can have serious consequences for the company.

At Wilford Smith, we believe the best way to avoid damage to your business is to ensure your policies and procedures are, and remain, compliant with the law.

Corporate governance is established through a broad range of measures, including legislation, non-legislative codes of practice, self-regulation, structure, culture and board competency. Companies of all types must be aware of the importance that corporate governance plays in their commercial success. Whether you run a small business and are looking to satisfy your Companies House obligations, or a larger corporation in need of seeking more far-reaching support in relation to regulatory compliance and governance, getting the right legal advice is essential.

The Financial Crime Solicitors at Wilford Smith provide clients with guidance on a wide range of matters relating to company law and corporate governance to ensure they are not in breach of the law. We can advise on:

  • Directors’ duties
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Drafting articles of association
  • Reviewing constitutional documents
  • Preparing for board meetings and general meetings
  • Shareholder voting rights
  • Issues relating to share capital including allotments
  • Regulatory compliance including advising on provisions contained in the Companies Act 2006
  • Companies House filing requirements
  • Removal of directors

At Wilford Smith, we understand that corporate governance can be time-consuming and complex which is why we endeavour to provide legal advice that is clear, straightforward and free of jargon.

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