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Absence Management Post Covid-19

10-11-2021 Written by wilford-smith Category: Blog

Absence Management Post Covid-19 Now that businesses are able to accelerate their efforts to return to normal, or to a new normal, after over 18 months of Covid-19 pandemic related restrictions, the landscape in relation to absence management, with continued cases of Covid-19 and with the continued need for some to isolate following close contact […]

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Welcome to our new website Solicitors London & Sheffield

14-07-2020 Written by admin Category: News & Announcements

Welcome to our new website. We look forward to keeping you up to date with the latest legal blogs and news.

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Inheritance Tax: How Much Will I Have to Pay?

04-05-2020 Written by admin Category: Estate Planning

When someone dies, the assets, money, property and investments that make up their estate will pass to their beneficiaries. This process is overseen by the Executor – the person identified in the Will as responsible for carrying out the deceased’s wishes. The Executor also has responsibility for paying off any debts and taxes due. Here, […]

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How Care Home Fees Can Impact on the Value of Your Estate

09-04-2020 Written by admin Category: Estate Planning

The cost of care later in life can have a significant impact on how much of your estate will pass to the people and causes you care about. If you find yourself unable to continue living at home, this may substantially reduce your children and grandchildren’s inheritance. Here, our Estate Planning Solicitors provide guidance on […]

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Why Turning a Blind Eye Will Not Protect Directors from a Fraudulent Trading Claim

06-04-2020 Written by admin Category: Criminal Defence

Company directors have a range of duties and responsibilities when it comes to representing and promoting their company. A recent court case serves as a useful reminder that directors must not act dishonestly and that, by turning a blind eye to dishonest conduct by a third party, a director may leave themselves open to a […]

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Coronavirus: Buying and selling houses is still possible in a crisis situation

02-04-2020 Written by admin Category: Residential Conveyancing

There is a lot of confusion and conflicting information about whether or not the conveyancing market is effectively ‘on pause’ during the current pandemic. In this article, we summarise the current position (as at 1 April 2020). On 26 March the Government issued advice on home moving during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The overriding message […]

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Should I Set Up a Trust?

02-04-2020 Written by admin Category: Estate Planning

Trusts are used to manage wealth for those you would like to benefit from your estate in the future. They can also be used to protect assets so that more of your estate can be passed to the people and causes that are important to you. In this article, our Estate Planning Solicitors provide information […]

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A Guide to Converting Commercial Property to Residential

31-03-2020 Written by admin Category: Property Development

Altering a commercial property – such as offices, shops or warehouses – into residential property can be a useful strategy for savvy investors. Here, our Residential Conveyancing and Commercial Conveyancing Solicitors offer guidance on some of the essential factors you should consider. Can I convert a commercial property into residential property? The simple answer is […]

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Covid-19 Update

31-03-2020 Written by admin Category: News & Announcements

During this time of uncertainty and turmoil, with lots of companies shutting offices due to COVID-19, our work still continues. At Wilford Smith it is ‘business as usual’ and our Business Continuity Plan along with our infrastructure allows us to continue operations.

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Banker Who Deleted WhatsApp Charged in Insider Trading Investigation

24-10-2019 Written by admin Category: Estate Planning

A banker under investigation for insider trading has been charged after deleting WhatsApp messages in what is the first case of its type in the UK. The case, brought by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is the first time that the financial watchdog has charged an individual with the offence under the Financial Services & […]

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