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HMRC set to collect over £5 billion as Inheritance Tax receipts surge by nearly 15% this year, Solicitors London & Sheffield

13-02-2018 Written by admin Category: Estate Planning

A more aggressive approach by HMRC in investigating people’s estates has seen the amount of money collected by the Government through Inheritance Tax increase by nearly 15% in the current financial year, according to experts. With figures released by HMRC showing that Inheritance Tax receipts from the beginning of the 2017-18 tax year stand at […]

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Wilford Smith Solicitors Shortlisted for 2018 Yorkshire Business Masters Awards, Solicitors London & Sheffield

06-03-2018 Written by admin Category: Blog

We are pleased to announce that Wilford Smith has been shortlisted for the 2018 Yorkshire Business Masters Awards in the professional services category. This award is for ‘outstanding performance from a professional services firm in the region’. The winner will be announced at the end of April , but we have already been recognised as […]

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Investment in UK’s commercial property sector increases by 66%, Solicitors London & Sheffield

09-03-2018 Written by admin Category: Commercial Conveyancing

The UK’s commercial property sector has seen an increase in investment of 66% in January 2018 when compared with the same period last year, a new industry report has shown. This increase represents an additional £4.2 billion pounds worth of investment, with the commercial sector in the UK continuing to show substantial growth despite ongoing […]

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Financial Abuse of the Elderly a Growing Problem in the UK, Solicitors London & Sheffield

13-03-2018 Written by admin Category: Financial Crime

Incidences of financial abuse perpetrated against elderly people are on the increase according to investigations carried out by a prominent charity. Age UK, which performs a wide range of research into helping improve the lives of elderly people in the UK, has recently carried out a review of evidence that suggests older people are at […]

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Length of prison sentences for tax fraud increase by 25%, Solicitors London & Sheffield

04-04-2018 Written by admin Category: Financial Crime

Prison sentences handed down to those found guilty of committing tax fraud have increased by 25% according to the Ministry of Justice’s most recent figures. Experts have suggested these figures, which show the average custodial sentence is now four years and one month, are an example of the increasingly determined approach being taken by HMRC […]

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Surge in commercial property lending in the UK, latest figures reveal, Solicitors London & Sheffield

04-05-2018 Written by admin Category: Commercial Conveyancing

Recently released figures have shown that commercial property lending in the UK saw a substantial increase in the second half of 2017, with new commercial property lending reaching £26.8 billion for this period. This marks a significant improvement on figures previously released for the first half of 2017, which had shown that lending in this […]

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The Importance of Making a Will for Cohabiting Partners, Solicitors London & Sheffield

01-06-2018 Written by admin Category: Estate Planning

The most recent report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on the make-up of households in the UK has shown that more couples than ever are choosing to cohabit without getting married. In ‘Families and Households: 2017′, the ONS found that there are 3.3 million cohabiting families in Britain, a figure that is more […]

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HMRC Wins Landmark Court Case Against Those Using Stamp Duty Avoidance Schemes, Solicitors London & Sheffield

01-06-2018 Written by admin Category: Financial Crime

HMRC is set to pursue up to £30 million pounds worth of unpaid stamp duty following a court victory involving the buyers of two £2 million properties who used a scheme, which has now been declared unlawful, to avoid paying more than £160,000 in tax. A complex arrangement had been set up on the buyers’ […]

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Strong Returns Forecast for Retail Park Investment

03-07-2018 Written by admin Category: Commercial Conveyancing

According to the most recent Investment Property Forum UK Consensus Forecasts report, retail parks are expected to offer substantial returns for investors in upcoming years. The report, which collates the views of 26 of the commercial industry’s most prominent fund managers and advisors, predicts that the retail park sector will outperform all other traditional commercial […]

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FCA Proposes New Rules to Support Victims of Bank Transfer Fraud

10-07-2018 Written by admin Category: Financial Crime

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a proposed set of new rules that will make it easier for victims of bank transfer fraud, sometimes referred to as ‘authorised push payment’ fraud, to raise complaints with banks. These steps are being taken after figures were released in March this year revealing the scale of bank […]

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