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12-02-2018 Written by admin Category: Commercial Conveyancing

New figures released, which detail global property investment trends, have shown that the UK is now the number one destination for those seeking to buy commercial property. A sample of 3,000 international investors taken in the last quarter of 2017 found that 29% now ranked the UK’s commercial property sector as the top place to invest.

Germany, which had previously held top spot with 34%, saw a substantial decline to only 23%. The US came in third, being chosen by 19% of those surveyed, while France was favoured by 18%. The survey also showed that the primary investment objective of these seeking to invest was income generation, identified as such by 38% of those interviewed, which shows a 6% increase on the previous quarter. Risk appetite across major countries increased “significantly” in 2017 when compared with 2016, it was also revealed.

Perhaps most interestingly, the report revealed that “secondary cities”, those outside London, have become an increasingly attractive investment prospect. This reflects trends seen in the residential property market where London house prices have slowed, while cities such as Manchester and Birmingham have experienced improved performance. With commercial properties coming at a premium in the capital, investors appear to be looking at regional parts of the country in the hope of more substantial gains.

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