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At Wilford Smith, we are fully aware of the need to integrate social and environmental considerations into our business activities.

It is of fundamental importance to us that the way we conduct our business has a positive impact on our staff, clients and other third parties. We are committed to making a full and positive contribution to our local communities, both socially and economically, by carrying out our business in a caring and responsible manner. Our corporate responsibility programme is central in pursuing these goals, as we aim to give others the opportunity to develop new skills and reach their full potential.
Pro bono

As part of our commitment to our local communities, the solicitors at Wilford Smith provide a variety of pro bono legal services to those who may otherwise not have access to this advice. This work takes many forms, from working with local organisations to taking on individual pro bono cases.
Community involvement

We carry out work with local organisations to promote social inclusion and access to justice, as part of our commitment to upholding individuals’ legal rights. We are proud to lend our skills and expertise in support of groups providing these types of vital services in our areas.

We are passionate about reducing the impact our work has on the environment. We are dedicated to taking a proactive approach to reducing consumption, and to making sure that environmental issues are a fundamental consideration in everything we do.